About us

Union Group consists of two separate companies, under the names Union CO LTD and Union Protection LTD. The different activities of the two companies have been harmonized and as result we came out with new complementary services . UG operates as a very dinamic and also multicultural group of firms with all its members focused and self motivated

In Union CO team, you can find diferent specialists like traders, IT specialists, chemists, while the Union Protection team members are excellent engineers, electricians and other professionals.

Union CO was launched in 2004 and since than become a well-known name on its market. The goal of our company has always been to offer quality services to our customers, so as a result of hard and quality work, it has become a recognized company among both public institutions and private companies.

Between our most recent activities is the collection and recycling of electronic waste, primarily computer equipment, the separation of raw materials and the new extraction of precious metals from them.

Union Protection is a company specializing in the design and implementation of security systems, operating since 2009 for both private and public companies. The construction of a complete protection network can be ordered, so the design and installation of fire protection systems, video camera surveillance systems, property protection systems and access control systems can be used. In addition, the company has recently expanded its list of services with full 3-dimensional reality recording of exteriors and interiors, which is a great raw material for both virtual tourability of the site and lightning-fast recording of engineering data and measurements.