Collection and recycling

The development of electrical and electronic devices in recent decades has seen increasing volumes sold and thus the replacement of old models with new models, more efficient and with a more modern design. These devices contain environmentally harmful materials, but many of their valuable components can be recycled. Never put them in the trash, along with household waste!

How do we identify waste electrical and electronic equipment, abbreviated WEEE?
WEEE is considered any electrical equipment that works with batteries or must be connected to the network, with the marking that indicates that it is the subject of a selective collection, the wheeled bin crossed with a cross, as in the image below.

Source: DIRECTIVE 2012/19 / EU OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 4 July 2012 on waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE)

Our company collects, treats and recycles waste electrical and electronic equipment. We collect non-disassembled WEEE (eg CPUs, mobile phones, servers, switches, routers, etc.) or disassembled fractions from them (eg RAMs, printed circuit boards and CPUs). The mechanical and chemical treatment of the waste in our installation from Cluj-Napoca, has as objective the recovery of the metals, which contain WEEE and their reintroduction in the economic circuit. Non-recyclable waste resulting from WEEE treatment is used in a creative context and regains a new use.

What do we offer?

• Collection of waste electrical and electronic equipment from individuals and legal entities, waste producers, authorized collectors, public institutions or on behalf of collective organizations that have taken responsibility for producers to achieve the annual collection objectives;
• Waste handling and transport;
• Ensuring waste traceability documents in accordance with Law 211/2011, GD 856/2002 and GEO 5/2015;
• Specialized support for waste classification.